About us

It all began with a tobacco pouch.

Valdas couldn't find the perfect one, so he decided to make it himself. Then he made one for his friend. And another one. And another one! They all absolutely loved it, so he decided it was time to share his creations with the rest of the world.

That's how Elf Bread came about. A web store with just a tobacco pouch in it – and people instantly loved it. Valdas couldn't believe the response he was getting.

Then one New Years' Eve, he met Monika, a young marketing specialist with tons of creative ideas buzzing in her head. They connected instantly. And so began their story – of lovers, partners, parents, and creators. Two elves are better than one, so they started to work hand in hand to refine, improve, and expand the Elf Bread brand. And Later, the third elf Agne joined this determined team. 

They decided that things people use every day should be exceptionally well made and pleasant to touch. That's why they chose to make personal items, like wallets, purses, and tobacco pouches. But their products never sacrifice function for style. Each accessory is practical and good-looking, while still representing Elf Bread's signature minimal style.

It doesn't matter whether it's the classic tobacco pouch or the newest slim wallet – each item is handmade in Lithuania from natural premium quality leather. This means that Elf Bread accessories will last for many years and look good no matter how much you use them. The moment people pick up an Elf Bread item, they can tell that it is a well-crafted accessory that will serve them well.

Elf Bread is much more than a family business – it's a way of living.

Elf Bread team