Why Is a Product with Strap Closing More Comfortable Than The Zipper?

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When choosing between a zipper product or strap product, the latter should be your go-to option if you are looking for sustainability, comfort, style, and ease. Want to know how a bag with a strap closing is a better choice than the one that comes with a zipper? Without wasting any further time, let's dive in.

Straps Are Adjustable Closing Systems

Handmade Products with straps like tobacco pouch provide an adjustable closing system. One of the main advantages of the products with straps is that you can extend them to the desired length. You can manage the flexibility in whatever way you want. Rolling tobacco pouches offer you several compartments with leather straps to hold the rolling papers and organize your gear

Straps Are Usually Decorative

Straps not only hold your items together but also their beautiful designs. They are feasible and are unisex. A product with a strap usually looks more beautiful than a simple product with zips. A leather bag with a zipper gives a very cliche look. Alternatively, a simple yet elegant leather strap wrapped around your bag accessories and adds a style quotient to your bag. Moreover, a bag with leather straps is easier to clean, giving it a clean and tidy look overall.

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Straps Increase the Longevity of bags

Despite the charming look, straps give the bags more sustainability than zips. Zippers have the drawback of getting damaged easily. A product with straps can hold heavy items as they offer more space than zips. Leather straps, in particular, are more comfortable and long-lasting. 

One of the things that give longevity to strap-supported bags is that straps are replaceable. In case of the strap breaks, it can easily be replaced. On the other hand, if a zipper breaks or stops working, one will have to dispose of the bag in most cases. 


By and large, a closing system supported by straps, in all aspects, is more reliable and appropriate as compared to the one with a zip. Be it leather bags, makeup pouches, or pipe pouches, the ones that come with a strap as a functional substitute to the zipper. 

Make sure to check some products with straps on Elf Bread right now. You can even add a touch of color to your pouch by choosing a different color strap.

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