Why April 20 Is a Chill Day?

Why April 20  Is a Chill Day?

It’s been a bumpy ride for over a year now, and smokers and non-smokers alike would appreciate a truly chill day. April 20 would usually gather big crowds in many spots around the world. What could be more thrilling right now than lighting up a joint in a crowd of friends? While we cannot give you that, Elf Bread is spreading the chill vibes as much as we can, read till the end to see what we have in mind. 

4/20 celebrates the marijuana plant, gathers the community, and can simply mean the time in a day (4:20 PM, you know what we have in mind). Though it’s not a secret anymore, we still refer to 4/20 as a code. Have you ever wondered where it comes from?

Why April 20  Is a Chill Day?

The History of 4/20

The origin of 4/20 has been debated for some time, and there have been quite a few theories around. However, it’s clear now that it’s not a police code referring to cannabis use nor it is a date of Bob Marley’s birthday. Others suggested that it had to do with the number of active chemicals in marijuana. Though the plant contains over 400 active chemicals, it has not been confirmed there’s 420. Most research shows it actually has closer to 500. 

It is now widely accepted that the code comes from a group of friends in San Rafael, California, who in the early 1970’s would meet outside their high school to smoke weed. They used the phrase ‘420 Louis’ referring to the Louis Pasteur statue (place) and 4:20 PM (time). Louis got dropped, but the 420 caught on. 

The rock band Grateful Dead was practising in San Rafael at the time, and the five students had access to the band as the brother of one of them was friends with the bassist Phil Lesh. The 420 code first spread in the Grateful Dead community. Later it became a pop culture phenomenon after being picked up by the High Times magazine.


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