What does 4/20 day mean to the Elf Bread team?

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Nature awakens all around us and 4/20 is just around the corner. Although it is only a symbolic celebration of the community, we want to share what this day means to us and what emotions it evokes. Last year we shared how the weed day came about. If you missed it, don't worry, the quick link is here. Long story short, we wrote about:

  • The meaning of the 4/20 code 
  • The history of 4/20
  • Myths about the code 4/20

So, how we do celebrate?

"I am a part of Elf Bread from the start. My husband and I created it together. We always believed that cannabis wasn’t just for fun, we recognized that it had many healing properties. So, yes, we do talk about cannabis at Elf Bread often and of course, we do celebrate 4/20. We have Christmas, and other national holidays, and we should have a day to just chill. It doesn’t mean we have to smoke weed or use CBD, we just need to consciously take some time to chill. So, that is what 4/20 means now for me - taking a chill day and being conscious about it. It’s some kind of spiritual, meditation day for me." - Co-Founder, Monika


"For more than four years, I have been involved in marketing big projects. This meant a lot of work, long hours at the computer, and stress. Consequently, I often had to deal with all sorts of bothersome emotions. An extra day to relax and unwind is always welcome in my case. This is not only a day for rolling tobacco, but also for being grateful for the benefits of CBD products. A chill day reminds me that I should enjoy life and enjoy it more often than I do." - Partner, Agne 

How to celebrate without gifts?

To make the day even more fulfilling, we have gifts for the Elf Bread community. We will be sharing 20% off discount, which you will find on social media, our newsletters, and videos. It will be valid from April 20th to 23rd. However, since you've read this blog to the end, we want to share the special code* with you just for the blog readers: 4/20. In this spirit, we are giving you too a 20% off for any of Elf Bread's signature tobacco pouches for the whole year!

* The offer is valid for a year, until April 20, 2023.

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