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Are you curious how we can enjoy fashion without damaging our environment by over-consumption?  We can reuse, sell, and recycle clothes and accessories. There is, however, an even more sustainable way to enjoy long-lasting fashion. Let’s go deeper into how we can make our wardrobe last.

Advantages and disadvantages of reusing and recycling clothes

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of reusing and recycling clothes or accessories. Reusing them is in fashion! You can make it a habit to give something away from your wardrobe to a friend or sell it online when you buy a new piece of clothing or accessories. 

Also, you can recycle old clothes or get creative: put some glitter on old t-shirts, take two pieces of beaded bracelets and make a new one, or take your leather wallet and paint it with leather paint. There are so many options to make your wardrobe last. But the downside is that clothes are hard to recycle, it is costly, and only 12% of them get recycled worldwide. As for reselling or buying clothes (accessories), you get no warranty, and it’s pretty time-consuming. So how to make your fashion last in this fast-changing world?

First steps to make your fashion last

To start with, let’s consider the benefits of switching to a long-lasting fashion. It’s simple, sustainable, lasting, authentic, and most of all, all long-lasting items are high quality. Read here for more.

Ready to go deeper

Once we are conscious of the benefits of long-lasting fashion, we can take action. Access your needs and make a  plan: do you need a t-shirt, shoes, ring, or wallet?  Evaluate what you still have in good condition in your wardrobe, what you can recreate, and what you need to change in the first place. For example, your wallet or backpack is damaged. What should you do? Don’t fall into a vicious circle of low-quality fast fashion. You want the items you use every day to be durable. You can avoid repeatedly buying by making an investment in handcrafted goods. Even if they cost more, they last longer, are made with love, and every piece is unique.  Being aware of what you are buying is the second step to making your fashion last.

One last step

You can always give clothes, bags, or wallets a second chance with another owner. We can resell our items on Vinted, eBay, Amazon, and other platforms. We can make sustainability a habit; at the end of the day, only we are responsible for the natural habitat we live in.


In a nutshell, here are easy first steps to a long-lasting fashion. Evaluate if it’s possible to sell, reuse, recycle or recreate your item. If not, plan. Plan your clothes or accessories purchases with awareness of their quality. Choose the material of an item carefully, where you will use it, how often, if the item is made of natural or synthetic materials, etc. Yes, these are just the first steps, but they are essential to feeling the necessity of using more last-lasting pieces. 


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