How to get your tobacco to roll perfectly?

Many different methods are available for you to roll a cigarette. However, it is important for you to keep a few important tips in your mind in order to get your tobacco to roll perfectly. Here is a list of tips we prepared for you:

You are not encouraged to use dry tobacco for rolling as it will not give you the opportunity to have that perfect roll we're talking about. The production process of herbs or tobacco for smoking purposes is something that has been mastered for hundreds of years. In this process, curing holds a prominent place. During this stage, fresh herbs or tobacco are dried out. This can give out a harsh smoke for your lungs and stomach. Moreover, they have a harsh taste as well, which could even cause issues for hardcore smokers. It has been identified that tobacco is dried slowly during this process so that no chemical changes would take place. However, it would never be fully dried because of the arid climate that prevails in the production areas. Therefore, you need to make your tobacco fresh before you start using it for rolling. 

You can use a piece of fruit peel in order to make your tobacco fresh and moist. Just get a small, square-shaped piece of a fruit peel and add to your tobacco. This will assist you in keeping tobacco moist inside a tin or a tobacco pouch for a long time. Choose the type of fruit based on your personal preference. Keeping a piece of fruit inside your tobacco can help to revive desiccated tobacco too.

You can also think about blending dried tobacco with fresh tobacco in a mixing bowl. When you blend them together, you will notice that some wet shags take a little more time in order to untangle and mix. Don’t be afraid to grind your tobacco - that makes it easier to roll too. 

The previous steps will help you spread tobacco evenly on the piece of rolling paper. Use your fingers or a card to pile the tobacco to make a shape of the cigarette. Using well-lit and smooth-rolling surfaces such as a clean table, a book or a mirror can assist you to get the perfect roll too. It is important to make sure that the tobacco you use for rolling is not too compact - this way it will be easy to draft and enjoy the smoke.

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