How to clean leather: the golden rules


So you want to keep your accessories looking their best? When it comes to cleaning leather, there are some golden rules. Take note of these key tips to ensure your everyday companion – whether that’s a tobacco pouch, wallet or clutch bag – grows old gracefully:

  • Get the kit: you’ll need a soft cloth, some mild soap and water. That’s it. No fancy products necessary.
  • Easy cleaning: dip the cloth in warm water and squeeze it out thoroughly so that the cloth is very slightly damp. Gently wipe the surface of the leather, repeat using clean water and leave to dry.
  • Remember, it’s a skin: treat leather like you would your own face: it’s a natural material that deserves a little TLC. Be gentle and never scrub too hard.
  • Little and often: leather loves regular attention and a good routine. Make time to wipe away dust or light marks with a dry cloth every few weeks (or whenever you remember – we know life gets in the way sometimes).
  • For extra points: invest in a leather protector spray – a waterproof one, ideally. These work well on our handmade products and help to shield leather from potential stains.

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