How to choose the right rolling paper for rolling tobacco?

How to choose the right rolling paper for rolling tobacco?

Whether you are new to tobacco rolling or it is your daily ritual, you might have questions about the ever-increasing variety of the rolling papers. We bet, the choice is greater than you even imagine. That is why we put together a quick guide on what to consider when choosing your rolling paper to make your experience as enjoyable as it can be.

Width, length, thickness

The width, length and thickness are all important parameters that relate to the taste you are after, the level of your skills and the occasion.

If you are just starting out, wider and longer papers are easier to practice on. Also, choose a longer paper if you are adding a filter. Naturally, the larger the paper, the more rolling tobacco you will fit inside, so it is a good choice if you are after a sharing experience.

Nonetheless, if you are feeling confident, trying out smaller and thinner rolling papers, means less paper being burnt, thus lesser chances of inhaling it.


Next thing to consider is the material. The most common rolling papers are made of wood pulp, they are easy to roll and have a stable burn rate. Similar in thickness but more innovative material is hemp. It is rising in popularity due to its unbleached and organic options. If you do not mind a tricker rolling, papers made of pressed rice are thin, ash-free and do not interfere with the taste.

How to choose the right rolling paper for rolling tobacco?

If you still cannot make your decision, here are a few more factors. For the eco-conscious, get hemp or rice rolling papers as they are Earth-friendly. Also, be aware of the chemicals used in bleached or flavoured papers. We recommend checking organic unbleached rolling papers at Real Leaf.


Want to make your experience even better? Organise your smoking gear in the Elf Bread’s tobacco pouch with a special paper-holder for tidy access. It is made of durable natural leather and is perfect for everyday use- slip it in your pocket and roll on!

We also have helpful tips on how to get your tobacco to roll perfectly.

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