Five steps to roll a tobacco cigarette

Elf Bread 1.3 - Rolling Tobacco Pouch

Rolling for the first time can be a challenge, and it's okay. It's normal to roll first tobacco cigarettes which are not perfect. That's why the Elf Bread team shares tips for a better experience. Read on to enjoy it if you are a new member of the Elf Bread’s community or have recently discovered rolling tobacco.

1. Collect items in one place

You will need tobacco, a filter, and rolling paper. Although filters are not technically necessary.  If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of rolling papers, we have you covered too. How to choose the right paper can be found in Elf Bread's previous blog. It will be easier to select a king rolling paper if you are a newbie to rolling tobacco, but the regular one is fine too.

Elf Bread 1.3 - Rolling Tobacco Pouch

2. Roll and prepare your cigarette

Straighten the paper and prepare a filter at one end. Spread the tobacco in a small layer to make it easier to roll the cigarette. 

3. Smooth out the tobacco

It is essential to spread the tobacco evenly throughout the rolling paper. Take the cigarette around the filter and allow the paper to take a U-shape around the filter and tobacco, further distributing the tobacco as needed.

Elf Bread 1.3 - Rolling Tobacco Pouch

4. Roll the cigarette

Now actually roll a cigarette. Try to put the paper closest to you under the filter and tobacco, and then continue rolling it until you are right under the glue. 

Elf Bread 1.3 - Rolling Tobacco Pouch

5. Close the cigarette

Now apply a small amount of saliva on the end of the adhesive tape and finish wrapping the paper. Lightly press the end of the paper, and your cigarette will be airtight and ready to smoke!

Elf Bread 1.3 - Rolling Tobacco Pouch


We hope these tips make it easier to roll a cigarette. Some more advice you can find here. You can make it even easier and more convenient with Elf Bread’s rolling tobacco pouch.  Keep all your supplies in one place - tobacco, filters, and paper.

And now.  Enjoy the process. 


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