Co-Founder's letter, Happy Holidays

 Elf Bread 5.0 - Backpack | Bag

When we created Elf Bread, our focus was solely on high-quality products. We didn't think to include our personal stories in the brand. We sold items that we designed and made. And we loved every step this process involved.

As the years passed, we realised it wasn't just a brand anymore; it is who we are. It is about our passion for creating. So we opened up to people about what's behind the Elf Bread's name. We share it here.

This year, I would like to wish you to be honest with yourself and others. No matter if this year was challenging or easy, lucky or unlucky. Whichever it is, let me tell you - you're doing great. I invite you all to celebrate yourself and each other.


Elf Bread Co-Founder Monika

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