3 tips for reorganizing your makeup bag for a more efficient use

Elf Bread 4.1 - Small Unisex Travel | Makeup Bag

Do you sometimes happen to find your cosmetics bag bursting with dried-out mascaras, empty lipstick tubes, and random bronzers purchased years ago? None of us is perfect but having an organized makeup bag is certainly doable, and we are ready to help you. 

Check out these easy tips that will help you give your makeup bag a good spring cleaning - regardless of the season.

Get rid of what you're not using

Be fair but strict with your cosmetics. The first rule is to check all your products expiry date and never use out-of-date cosmetics. No matter how much you love and cherish your expensive mascara, you still risk eye infection or even more serious health issues if you keep using it past its sell-by date. According to the Food and Drug Association (FDA), all makeup usually expires within 2 years after it hits the retail outlets' shelves or even sooner - as it happens, for instance, with mascara.

See those identical brushes or that neon-coloured lipstick that you’ve only dared to wear once? Ditch them mercilessly. Take your time and be honest with yourself - you’ll probably find quite a few items you don't actually use. Well - the time has come to toss away anything that's been sticking around for too long. 

Pack your essentials

Once all the stuff you don't need is gone, it's time to think about purchasing a comfy cosmetics bag. Makeup bags come in different shapes and sizes. Different materials are used to manufacture them, too. So when it comes to choosing the right bag, it all depends on how  and how often you're going to use it. 

If you are someone who travels a lot, a leather cosmetic bag may be a good investment. These bags are usually designed to last and they give you a great feel of use. If you scout around a bit you may come across some seriously elegant leather cosmetics bags - you will love to carry one wherever you go. A well chosen leather bag can also complement your style. 

Elf Bread 4.1 - Small Unisex Travel | Makeup Bag

When choosing a leather cosmetic bag opt for those that come with more than one compartment. This allows you to store different types of cosmetics products separately, and relieves you from the hassle of digging in your bag when searching for a specific item. This is particularly important while traveling. 

Be gentle with you bag

To keep your cosmetic bag in a good condition, remember to clean it regularly. Wipe off dust and remove stains left by beauty products at least once a month and wash your brushes and sponges every few days. It will help you keep your bag looking brand new for a long time. Moreover, in order to protect it from bacteria and germs, don't forget to sanitize your bag with alcohol spray from time to time. And if you notice that your bag needs some serious cleaning in most cases the safest thing to do is to hand-wash it. 

The good news is that cleaning leather is not that complicated - all you need is a soft cloth, mild soap, and water. Once you’re done, just let it dry naturally in the air current. You can find a detailed guide on how to clean your leather accessories here

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As you can see, organizing your makeup bag doesn't take too much time and effort. These easy steps will save you at least ten minutes of your morning sleep. When your makeup bag is well organized, your morning routine is less stressful as well. 

What are your  makeup bag organizing tricks? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!

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