3 Big Reasons to Switch to Long-Lasting Fashion

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We are becoming better each day at recycling our glass bottles and sorting out plastics. Still,  we have not caught up with the same mindset concerning our wardrobes. The truth is, clothes are hard to recycle, it is costly, and only 12% of it gets recycled worldwide.  But there is a shortcut, and we call it cultivating the mindset of long-lasting fashion. 

Long-lasting is sustainable

Fast fashion has a tremendous impact on the environment. Whether you choose items made of cotton or synthetics, both scenarios have consequences. Growing cotton takes up land and uses an enormous amount of water and, in many cases, pesticides. Producing synthetic textiles is a toxic process and high on carbon footprint. Most synthetics are not degradable or degrade very slowly, releasing poisonous chemicals into the ground.

Long-lasting is authentic

Fast fashion is mass-produced and is wasteful by design. It encourages us to chase trends unconsciously and get the items we do not need or sometimes do not even like. Why not slow down and take time when choosing? Will you love owning this for years to come? If yes, chances are you will get pieces that reflect your own style and match what you already own. 

As more artists and designers turn to handcrafts and prefer staying local, finding authentic goods is not only easy, but it reduces your ecological footprint too. Handmade items are one-of-a-kind (no two are alike!), and in many cases, you can go even further by asking a craftsperson to personalise your chosen piece (specific measurements, your initials, etc.)

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Long-lasting is quality

The simplest way to reduce the impact on the environment is to choose durable items that you can use again and again. Durability matters in fashion, especially when selecting items you use every day- like your wallet or bag. If you find a high-quality item that you know you will love for years, it is worth the investment.

For instance, material such as leather is timeless- it is always in fashion. It can be effortlessly matched with any style, whether you prefer a casual, bohemian, or classical look. Moreover, choosing natural leather also means that it can be recycled easier or go back to nature in a completely sustainable way. 

All of us leave an environmental footprint, and we all have a choice to make it less harmful to the planet. Reducing consumption requires a minimum effort but makes your lifestyle more sustainable. Long-lasting fashion does not deny the pleasure of getting something new from time to time, only keeping an eye for the items designed to last.

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